Air condition

Filling the air conditioning

Come today to replenish your car’s air conditioning and you won’t have to wait unnecessarily. We fill air conditioners for all makes of vehicles and all types of refrigerants, mostly R134a or 1234yf. We are a specialized service for air conditioners with two operations in Ružomberok. In addition to replenishment, we also provide air conditioning cleaning, or air conditioning repair, or air conditioning disinfection.

How to fill the air conditioning

With a fully automatic device, we suck out the old refrigerant, thus removing the system from mechanical impurities and moisture. Subsequently, we perform a thorough vacuum, which serves for the basic control of tightness and removal of any residual moisture from the system. Finally, we add PAG oil, which is dispersed in the refrigerant in the system and is used to lubricate the compressor climate. On request, it is possible to add a UV contrast agent to determine the source of possible leakage of air conditioning refrigerant.

Price list and price of filling air conditioning in the car

Current price of air conditioning filling. Car air conditioning service will cost you about 50 EUR. (Filling the air conditioning with R134a refrigerant)

We also fill the air conditioning refrigerant 1234yf, which is put into cars manufactured from approximately 2015-2016.

Filling the air conditioning – air conditioning service

We complement the air conditioning with a professional automatic device from the BOSCH brand with a programmable vacuum time, an automatic vacuum leak test, oil and UV paint injection and a fully automatic dosing of R134a or 1234yf refrigerant. We service air conditioning without ordering and usually waiting. Filling with 1234yf refrigerant is more time consuming, so if you have a new car (usually from 2015 and later) with this type of refrigerant, we recommend calling in advance.

It is sometimes not enough to refill the air conditioning

If there is no refrigerant in the air conditioning circuit, it may be either a small natural leak, which, after years of non-replenishment and neglected maintenance, has manifested itself to such an extent that the refrigeration circuit needs to be replenished. More often, however, air conditioning refrigerant leaks due to increased leaks, bulging seals, damaged pipes, pre-worn hoses, etc. In all these cases, it is first necessary to accurately identify the source of the refrigerant leak, reseal it, and then fill the new refrigerant and PAG oil with refrigerant. If this is not done, there is a risk of refrigerant leaking again.

We strongly recommend all clients to perform a leak test of this system before filling the air conditioner. Leaks are common, especially in older cars over five years of age. Unfortunately, they are manifested in various places in the car and some places are difficult to access, ie difficult to control, requiring longer work. The air duct is routed from the front, where the air cooler is, along the engine, to the interior under the dashboard. Between these two points there are many connections, hoses, also functional components such as dryer, cooler, evaporator, air conditioning compressor, sensors, filling ports, etc. Refrigerant may leak at any of these locations. And because it is a gaseous state of refrigerant, it is not visible.

Therefore, it is difficult to carefully check for leaks when refilling the air conditioner. This must be done as a separate action on the client’s explicit order. If the client rushes and “does not have time” for longer inspections or “does not want to invest in them”, there is a risk that he will cause damage. Therefore, we recommend that clients proceed with caution. If they want to take the risk and just top up the air conditioning, or do everything right, let the car leave us for a longer period of time and perform a thorough inspection of the above-mentioned elements before filling the air conditioning. For such work, we are able to give a full guarantee of functionality and feel good about the work done correctly.

As a car service specializing in air conditioning, we have many years of experience in tracing air conditioning defects, refrigerant leakage control, climate circuit leaks. Thanks to specialized and sensitive equipment for the detection of gas leaks, we are able to detect even very small leaks in the order of grams. As a specialized center, we also provide advice and repairs to some branded services that do not like to make these repairs.

Test the tightness of the air conditioning filler

Each air conditioning filler has a basic orientation test of the air conditioning tightness. This is always done by automatic fillers just before filling. If the air conditioning leak is large, the filler should not start the refrigerant filling process. The process of automatic tightness control works on the principle of suction of the remnants of the old refrigerant and subsequent creation of a vacuum in the system. The filler then maintains the evacuated space for 45 minutes and waits for any pressure change.

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