Automatic transmission

We offer oil change in automatic transmission Volkswagen, Ford, Audi, Seat, BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot, Citroen, Jaguar, Land Rover, Skoda.

The price of oil change in the automatic transmission after inspection includes:

  • automatic transmission flush
  • oil in automatic transmission
  • computer diagnostics
  • automatic transmission filter replacement

Oil change in automatic transmission VW, Ford, Audi, Seat, BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot, Citroen, Jaguar, Land Rover, Skoda (Volkswagen)

Automatic transmission oil changes:

  • Price of oil change for gearboxes in vehicles
  • Reading the transmission fault memory with a scan tool.
  • A test drive, during which we observe in particular the typical manifestations of the DSG transmission, such as smoothness of shifting, tearing, jerking, etc.
  • Draining old devalued automatic transmission oil. Connection to the
  • automatic filler, thorough flushing of the gearbox and its cleaning.
  • Filling with the right amount of branded new oil, testing the transmission.
  • Replace the oil filter if it is not integrated

When to change the automatic transmission oil:

We recommend changing the oil in Volkswagen gearboxes every 60,000 km or after four years. Whichever comes first. When driving around the city, it is advisable to shorten this interval to 50,000 km. Most of the oils that we drain from the gearboxes after this start-up are heavily burnt and black. Therefore, it is advisable to use additives for gearboxes and thus extend their service life.

How to change the oil of the machine

Book at least a day in advance at +421 918 138 437
We will need the vehicle for 3-5 hours.

Why change transmission oil?

Just as it is necessary to change the engine oil, the oil in the automatic transmission must also be changed. For the simple reason of wear, burning, degradation and formation of carbon deposits. To this day, we find opinions that it is not necessary to change the transmission oil or that the machine should not be touched while it is operating. These claims contradict common sense and the experience of service technicians who deal with oil change of automatic transmissions. Most of the gearbox faults that our clients come to us are usually solved only by changing the oil. Conversely, if changing the oil doesn’t help anymore, it’s because the oil hasn’t been changed for too long. Warning. Oil changes cannot be performed well without a fully automatic transmission filler.

Most of our clients immediately after changing the oil of the automatic transmission feel changes in the smoothness of shifting, smooth running, faster shifting. Twitching, vibrating, tearing, and other side effects usually disappear. For some vehicles, we also see a slight reduction in consumption.

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