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Autoservis Autofer team Ružomberok checks the diagnostics of the engine and other control units of vehicles of all brands. We have been dealing with the issue of car diagnostics for a long time and together with car electronics it is our specialization. If you have a problem with engine diagnostics or anything else, you can contact us. Your vehicle will always be repaired by an experienced and trained diagnostician – a car electrician who has experience in repairing modern vehicles and with the latest technology. It does not happen that the repair will take place by trial and error.

Our equipment includes modern devices, which we regularly update and change. The basis of our work is parallel car diagnostics and OBD diagnostics. We can also perform repairs of cable harnesses, code the comfortable functions of vehicles, set and repair injection pumps for petrol and diesel engines, etc. We have updated official diagnostic devices Bosch, Texa, Delphi, Vag, OBD reader, etc.

We deal with electrical and diagnostic defects of cars. Even the seemingly unsolvable ones. We are not just part changers. When possible, safe and appropriate, we will repair the damaged part. The client often saves money for the replacement of an expensive part and avoids any unnecessary replacement of another part that does not need to be changed.

We repair and diagnose all brands of vehicles. The electronics in them always work on the same principle. An experienced diagnostician or electrician can handle not only common brands such as Škoda, Ford, Renault, Opel, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, etc., but also exclusive brands such as Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Jaguar , Land Rover, Alfa Romeo, Mazda, etc.

Self-diagnostics – solving complex faults – repairs of control units – repairs of electrical parts

The procedure for working with auto diagnostics can be divided into two basic groups.

1. OBD DIAGNOSTICS CAR serial – COMMUNICATION with control unit (basic settings, measurement, diagnostics,)

It offers basic measurements, allows you to perform interventions in control units, set values ​​and detect faults. Connecting a diagnostic tool to the control unit and reading the fault memory is usually the first step in determining the cause of an electronic problem in the vehicle.

Examples of useful features:

read / clear fault memory – lists faults in the fault memory of the control unit.
display of values ​​from sensors and actuators – displays quantities measured by the control unit.
actuator test – tests, for example, the function of the ABS pump motor, throttle adjuster, etc.
deleting service intervals, vehicle configuration settings
customization – e.g. remote control, new immobilizer keys, throttles
In cases where OBD diagnostics do not assist in detecting the fault, the tracing and confirmation of the fault must be continued by further measuring and verifying the data obtained, for example using an oscilloscope.

OSCILLOSCOPE – PARALLEL DIAGNOSTICS (accurate outputs, troubleshooting)

In contrast to classical diagnostics, the oscilloscope provides more accurate values ​​in real time, on the basis of which conclusions can be drawn with certainty about the cause of the fault. Usually, thanks to the oscilloscope, the cause of the fault is distinguished from the consequence, and in modern diagnostic practice, this device is irreplaceable. It can be used to solve “no one knows what to do” disorders or defects that occur only sporadically. Accurate fault determination usually eliminates trial / error corrections.

The device enables the measurement of real values ​​of voltages and currents, not distorted by the fault, in real time, in connection with other sensors and actuators.

Use of oscilloscope in practice

The most important device for accurate car diagnostics is a multi-channel memory digital oscilloscope. The oscilloscope can also display the course of other (non-electrical) quantities, if they can be converted to voltage. The oscilloscope is most often used in car diagnostics to measure voltage, current and pressure. We use a professional digital eight-channel oscilloscope, thanks to which we can deal with even the biggest mistakes.

Car diagnostics in Autoservice AutoFer Team

The growing complexity of car electronics and the associated number of possible combinations of faults cause complications not only for motorists, but often also for service. We often get vehicles on which several interventions have already been carried out, which did not eliminate the cause of the failure. If you feel that you are not enough for the repair yourself or that even your repairer is not enough for it, it is better to consult with us in advance or bring the car straight away. This will make our work easier and save you money.

We always communicate with you and inform you about the repair process. You will never be without information.

Price of car diagnostics and repair procedure

The price of car self-diagnostics is determined in advance in the price list of the car service and is fixed if it is a matter of reading the fault memory using a diagnostic OBD reader – computer. This can be done while you wait.

All other necessary actions (if necessary) related to car diagnostics are charged according to the agreement and time. The mere connection of a computer to a car control unit for a layman or for service does not necessarily mean a clear result that would immediately lead to the elimination of the defect.

Nevertheless, car diagnostics is very important, it usually narrows the possible range of faults or points to a general problem (for example, fuel pressure, fault in the wiring – short circuit, engine speed, ABS sensor, cylinder misfire, etc.). The task of the self-diagnostics or auto-electricians is then, based on their skills and experience, using other devices (such as an oscilloscope or multimeter) to find the fault accurately and make sure that it is determined correctly. Fault tracing is, of course, significantly more time-consuming and professionally than reading the fault memory from the control unit.

Especially for some more complex repairs, it is necessary, for example, to equip cable harnesses from under the seats or the engine, to dismantle other parts, to perform various measurements when the engine is both cold and hot, etc. Therefore, sometimes the cost of repair cannot be determined in advance, and the cost of two different diagnostic problems can be significantly different. When repairing, we will always agree with the client on the procedure and scope of the repair in advance within these options.

Original car diagnostics – our service equipment

We have modern computer diagnostics for working with control units. A team of experienced diagnostics and a car electrician is regularly trained to work with the latest devices to be able to find and eliminate even the most complex faults, or repair parts that would otherwise have to be replaced with new ones.

We use this equipment, among other things

  • Delphi diagnostics
  • Bosch diagnostics
  • SuperVag diagnostics
  • Diagnostics Texa
  • Digital eight-channel oscilloscope Autoscope
  • Original diagnostics of individual brands
  • Original data
  • Bosch ESI [tronic]
  • TecDoc


Engine control unit

Every modern vehicle is equipped with several control units. Most people can only think of the engine control unit, but there may be dozens of units in the vehicle that communicate with each other. The main ones include, for example, the transmission control unit, the air conditioning control unit, the ABS, ESP control unit, ignition, injection, heating, window removal, immobilizer, seat positions, parking assistant, etc.

Car engine diagnostics Prague

Car diagnostics – Engine diagnostics are most often performed in the event of vehicle faults. Here are the most faults and error messages that affect the consumption, regular operation and performance of the engine. In connection with this fault, messages often appear on the instrument panel and a typical engine warning light icon comes on. Deleting a fault by the computer does not mean that it will be eliminated. If the engine or other circuit control unit is faulty, it can usually be repaired.



The most common diagnostic defects of cars

If any of the following diagnostic lights come on in the instrument panel, we recommend that you visit a service center to check and read the fault memory. Here are the most common error messages and a brief description.

ABS – Most ABS system faults are accompanied by this warning light. This is a serious security issue. The ABS sensor is most often damaged, where it is relatively quick and cheap to repair.
BRAKES – The brake warning light is very important, we recommend that you do not underestimate it and if it illuminates, go to a workshop immediately or have it towed. The most common brake defects are worn pads, discs, brake problems, etc.
ENGINE – This engine warning light is relatively versatile and can illuminate for several different types of faults, some of which are very serious and others not. It is definitely a good idea to have the fault memory of the control unit read out by diagnostics and proceed according to the result. It is not good to drive the vehicle for a long time when this warning light is on.
BATTERIES AND CHARGING – May indicate a problem with battery charging. Emergency service is usually possible. Turn off the lights and it won’t start unnecessarily.
OVERHEATING – ENGINE TEMPERATURE – This light indicates engine overheating or cooling problem. This is a serious malfunction that requires immediate service.
TIRE PRESSURE – More modern and better equipped cars have tire pressure control. This light indicates underinflated tires. It is usually sufficient to inflate or repair the tire.
Engine oil – It does not pay to underestimate an important oil warning light. It may indicate poor oil pressure or oil level. Some vehicles have a distinct yellow light and a red light. The yellow oil level indicator usually only indicates the need to top up the oil. A red oil light means the engine is not running. This is a serious problem and must be stopped immediately.
AIRBAGS – Safety comes first. This light indicates an airbag fault. It is dangerous to drive a malfunctioning airbag. In addition, this may be the reason why the vehicle does not switch to MOT.

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