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Quality painting

Quality colored terrains with a long service life, which do not lose your consistency and shade after years. We take great care to make it possible to make a true color design. Newly painted parts look like other vehicle parts that have newly painted particles. The shade is completely preserved.


For more demanding paints, it is possible to achieve the optimal effect of the plausibility of the shade of good so-called sprays. Ten blanks by applying a layer of varnish to the surrounding parts. About technologist technologist technologist At the same time technologist technologist repairs repairs repairs repairs repairs

Color fastness

The parts painted by us do not change the color or shade. The previous one we ask for the prescribed technological procedure. Guarantee this long-term guarantee


The quality of painting reasons and materials (paints) that appear on the market is very diverse. No additional information may be available. My expected compromise. Our prices are the same, without having to compromise on the quality of work performed.

Painting procedure

In front of the lake itself may be disassembly from the vehicle and equipping the components that occur. There are various moldings, holders, glasses, etc. Subsequently, we perform grinding and leveling of the part, its sealing to the full plane and possible grinding. We continue to apply a filler that is capable of under paint or metallic. Lastly, a colorless lake is required. At this stage, it is possible to switch off the part in the painting oven, let it catch and harden.

Repair time

We paint a brand new part for an unexpected two days. A used or damaged part can be used for the lake, which takes an extra day. There are repairs available, which can be added to the disassembly and assembly of any car parts, including disassembly, adjustment and technological delays.

Quick paint repairs

Quality painting of the expected days. This time can be expected, but only with some impact on the top coat, its durability and color fastness. The change is considered expected – it usually takes effect after implementation. Classic symptoms are cracking of the putty, changes in color, shades, etc. We do not respond to this method.

Maintenance of paint

We recommend that you do not apply better mechanical stress to newly painted parts month after month. Dishwashers, polishing, etc. may be unsuitable.

Polishing of older paint

If the paintwork of the part is only slightly damaged, or only damaged by old age, or by frequent access to the dishwasher, which can be disturbed by its discussion. We recommend mentioning for scratches and slight abrasions. This method is only applicable if the paint damage is not deep. After financial documentation is not the most advantageous and the fastest.

Painting prices

We could solve the calculation according to the photo documentation, or after inspecting the damaged circumstances. If you are interested in booking, send us a photo of the damaged place, or if you want the circumstances to be ascertained, come to us to damage the preview and arrange in person.

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