Oil change

We will change the oil of your car. An oil change is also part of the service inspection. This relatively inexpensive operation is important for the proper operation of your engine. Regular engine oil change is the basis of maintenance. You better not neglect it. It’s not worth it. Oil change price – the price of an oil change is always determined by the amount of oil, the type of oil and the brand. An oil filter usually costs orders of magnitude lower units of euros.

What brand of oil?

You often ask us which oil to use. A different type of viscosity is suitable for each car, and this type changes as the vehicle ages and engine wear. It usually changes with the age of the vehicle from a thinner oil to a thicker one. As for oil producers, we use BP, Shell, Castrol, Total, Petronas, VAT, which are premium oils with lasting quality.

Types of oils by viscosity:

  • 0W is a lot of thin oil – often used when changing oil
  • 5W widely used type of oil – fully synthetic
  • 10W semi-synthetic oil suitable for older types of vehicles – no longer widely used
  • 15W is used in old engines
  • long life oils are used for new modern cars and most of them also meet the standard for engines with a particulate filter (DPF)

Why change the oil?

Because it provides six important engine functions:

  • Lubrication – The main purpose of the oil is to lubricate the engine well. Thanks to lubrication, the friction of the engine parts is reduced, which causes energy losses and an increase in mechanical wear.
  • Cooling – Protects engine parts that cannot directly transfer heat to the coolant or air from overheating.
  • Sealing – Ensuring a good seal of the working spaces between the sliding parts.
  • Cleaning – Removal of parts of abrasion, deposits and residues for incineration or their appropriate treatment.
  • Noise reduction – The lubricating layer dampens noise and vibrations.
    Protects against corrosion

What else do we recommend with an oil change?

For vehicles older than five years or over 100 000 km, we recommend changing the engine oil (decarbonizing the engine), which will release deposits, carbon and other insoluble oil residues from the engine compartment and return the engine to its original condition. It is always rinsed with chemical cleaners and the effect is usually very significant. 

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