Wheel repairs

Tire repairs

Telephone reservation of tire repair  +421 918 138 437 AutoFer team.

Wick tire repair – the fastest tire repair. The simpler technical design is usually marked, but provisional. The advantage is that it is not necessary to remove the tire from the disc. Time consuming, including disassembly of the wheel from the vehicle approx. 15 min.

Tire repair with a mushroom – a quality tire repair that perfectly seals the tread gap. It is necessary to remove the tires from the disc, after repairing the shoes + balance. Time consuming about 30 minutes.

Irreparable tire damage – especially punctures on the sidewall of the tire. If you puncture the tire anywhere other than in the reinforced part of the tread, do not repair it. It’s not safe. The tread is the part that directly touches the road.

We usually perform tire repairs while you wait.

We repair and change TPMS valves of all vehicles.